Just as Wednesdays are the ‘hump day’ of the week, I feel like we’re at the ‘hump’ of summer. We’re finished with school things & our gardens are in good shape. As we step into the last week of July, It’s time to dust off your canning jars & start preserving our areas bounty for fall & winter. Our area gives us many options for fruit and as they say, the pickin’ is easy. Last week, blueberries…this week, peaches. I highly recommend the book “food in Jars preserving in small batches year-round” by Marisa McClellan for those of you new to canning and don’t want 50 jars of the same thing. Our farm green beans made some pretty tasty dilly beans & I’m really looking forward to making the spicy tomato chutney when the plum tomatoes are ready. You can’t imagine how delicious this is on a grilled cheese sandwich!

If you’re interested in learning how to preserve/can some of our bounty, or would just like to do it with a group, shout out.  We’ve done this in the past and it was a lot of fun. There would be a fee to cover the cost of jars & ingredients but you’ll leave with a finished product, recipe & confidence to go forth & preserve.

Here’s what Glenn has for you this week…
Lettuce, chard, kale, turnips, greens mix, scallions, garlic, cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini and (drum roll please)…potatoes. How’s that? In Pick-Your-Own, we have more beans, green, purple, & yellow.        

Seriously, get out there and pick them! They freeze beautifully. The herbs are just waiting for your scissors, too. There’s nothing better than corn on the cob slathered with an herb butter. You’ll be famous. The flowers are coming along nicely, though I’d like to leave the sunflowers along the road uncut. It gives us curb appeal & there’s plenty more for you in the field. Help yourself to the rest of the flowers and as always, deadheading is appreciated.  (Deadheading is snipping the flowers that have gone by right off the stem.  This allows the plant to put its energy into making more flowers, though if you’re really into Jerry Garcia, deadheading could have an entirely different meaning.)

Glenn has updated the “to do” board in the shed. If you have an hour or two to help out, there’s weeding to do in the artichokes, lettuce, scallions & bok choy beds. Check the board for location & follow the signs.


I’ve heard this before but here at Willow Pond Farm, I didn’t think it would be referring to weeds! Suddenly, they’re popping up everywhere. Thanks to the members that came out to work on Saturday, this can’t be said for the onions anymore. Cleaned out 2+ beds & the onions are SO happy now. I’m tackling the flower beds today.

Here’s what’s in your share this week…lettuce, scallions, chard, kale, salad turnips, greens mix, zucchini, cucumbers, and summer squash.

The pick-your-own has beans and herbs ready. Come & get ’em.

It’s suddenly hot & humid… School’s out… The farmer’s market has SO MANY people wandering around that you can hardly move…  You ride your bike into town & see everybody walking around with an ice cream…  The Thursday night concerts have begun on Swasey Parkway… There was a little frog on my kitchen window this morning…  I got a LOAD of vegetables from Willow Pond Farm CSA this week & it was only our 1st pick-up!

If you’re thinking “how can I get a load of fresh, organic, local vegetables?”, you need to join our CSA.  It’s never too late.

Our Solstice Pot Luck Dinner is next week.  Tuesday, June 24th, 6pm.  Right after pick-up.  Bring your dinnerware, utencils, beverage of choice, and a dish to share (4-6 servings).  Pack up the family &  a friend or two and come on down to the farm.  We’ll have the tables, chairs & decorations set up right out in the field.  It’s one of the things I really look forward to.  So much fresh, delicious food!  What’s your specialty?  If you haven’t already done it, click on RSVP so we have a seat for your seat!

Yep, it’s almost here.  Our 1st pick-up of 2014!  Get your bags ready.  Head down to the farm on Tuesdays from 2-6pm to gather up your share.  Check off your name in the red binder & take home some fresh organic vegetables that you helped produce.  It’s a good thing.

Things are growing like crazy at Willow Pond Farm.  Of course, that includes the weeds.  We could use some help keeping them under control.  We thought we’d try something different this year.  Every Saturday from 9-noon, we’ll hold a mini-work day.  Join the group.  Bring your mug, maybe a snack to share.  Get to know the other members while we tackle the weeds.  I’ll bring the coffee & lemonade.

What a great day to get outside.  A huge thank you to all who came to support the plant sale on Saturday.  We raised about $1000 for the farm.  This is our biggest fund raiser & we couldn’t do it without you.

I hope you all got to spend time with family and friends this Memorial Day weekend.  There were a lot of cookouts in my neighborhood & it’s so nice to get together with family.  I love hearing children laugh & giggle.

To all those who served, thank you.

Hope to see you at the farm!


Thank you to all who turned out for our 1st (& 2nd) work day.  It’s such a great feeling to take things off your “to do” list and slip them over to the “done” side.  It’s always more fun when we have a group together & it was nice to meet our new members.  Looking forward to a great year at Willow Pond Farm.

If you’re out and about this weekend 5/9 & 5/10, come on over to Union Street in Exeter for the Open Studio Art Show at the Salmon House. Chat with the artists, soak up some great color, check out the demonstrations & take home a little something for Mom. Willow Pond Farm will be represented there with plants for your home garden. For more information, click on Art on Union Street  It’s going to be a great day.

This Saturday, 5/3 (9-noon) and Sunday, 5/4 (12-3pm) we’ll be having our 1st work days to kick off the 2014 season! Come to the farm, see what’s new, meet other members, then get ready to DIG IN. We have many tasks on our to-do list & we need your help.

a women with manure claudia

Bring your bug spray, sunscreen (I hope), and if you like, pack a picnic lunch. It’s always more fun to work with a buddy. There’s still a bit of mud around, so leave your dancing shoes home. Let us know if you can make it…there could be cookies. See you in the field!